Fake BBC website. Don't trust this news report.

Fake BBC website

Sophos' Naked Security has reported a new scam email that is spreading across UK that encourages users to visit a fake BBC News website which in fact advertises for a "work from home" scheme.

The site looks like a perfect copy of the genuine BBC News website and even the URL of the fake site looks similar: www.bbc11.co.uk.

Sophos security team has examined the site with the conclusion that it's build for the sole purpose of advertising for a "work from home" scheme and isn't linked to BBC in any way.

Scammers who launched this have acted very cleverly by writing a genuine-looking text about a "housewife" who apparently is making income from working from home. The text looks even more appealing to you because the site checks up your location and inserts your town name into the leading text. For example, if you're from Luton, the article would mention a "single mom from Luton".

Find out more about this scam on Sophos' Naked Security site here.