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Keep your family and computer protected at all times while browsing the Web, chatting with friends and downloading files.

Stop viruses, block spyware and protect yourself against online identity theft with the latest best-selling Internet security suite from Norton that won’t slow down your computer or disrupt your work and play.

Norton Internet Security 2012 protects you from online identity theft, dangerous downloads, phishing websites and those infected with viruses and spyware as well as email spam and social networking threats. NIS 2012 also includes parental control tools allowing you to track your kids' online activities and block inappropriate websites or social networking content they're accessing.

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Key Features

Norton Internet Security 2012 Key Features

  • Norton Protection System provides multi-layered protection for your system against all threats and viruses.
  • Norton Insight analyses files' source and decides whether a file can be trusted. Even newly emerged, unknown threats are stopped this way.
  • Norton Identity Safe securely stores your usernames and passwords in a vault and enters then on websites when needed. This prevents cybercriminals from keylogging your passwords as you type.
  • Norton Antiphishing technology recognises fake and phishing sites designed to steal your credit card numbers or identity.
  • Two-way smart firewall stops spyware from relying private information and blocks hackers from hacking into your PC.
  • Norton Download Insight 2.0 blocks dangerous applications you download from the Internet by telling you if they are harmful.
  • Parental Control Management includes Norton Online Family features that allow you to track your kid's online activities and block inappropriate websites. You can track their online friends and see who they chat with.
  • Norton Safe Web checks your search engine results and tells you whether a site is safe to visit before you click the search results link.
  • Norton Management allows you to download, update, and transfer your Norton product easily.
  • Network Threat Protection scans your network for potential risks and identifies dangers before they hit your computer.
  • SONAR 4 Behavioural Protection constantly monitors your computer for suspicious activity of applications and users. They are automatically blocked if any suspicious activity is detected.
  • Norton Safe Web for Facebook constantly monitors your incoming messages for dangerous links, downloads and malware scripts.
  • Norton Silent Mode mutes all non-critical alerts for your convenience while you play games or watch movies.
  • Power Saving Settings ensures longer battery life on your laptop.
  • Free 24x7 Support from Norton. Contact Norton representative via phone, live chat or email whenever you need to at no cost through the service period. Free community support is also available on Norton forum.


Norton Internet Security 2012 delivers a wide range of security tools that keep you safe from viruses, online identity theft, hackers, spyware, fake online banking and phishing websites.

With NIS 2012 installed you can safely browse the Web, download files, chat with friends via instant messaging or Facebook and play games and watch films without interruption.

This software is available for purchase in 1-, 3-, 5- and 10-PC packs.

Norton Internet Security 2012 Areas of Protection:

Protection against Online Identity Theft

Norton Identity Safe included in Norton Internet Security 2012 stores all your passwords and logins in a secure vault protected by a master password. There's no more need to type your passwords on the keyboard! This effectively protects you from any attempt of hijacking your passwords by reading keystrokes you type and can be especially useful if there's spyware installed on your PC. You can learn more about how Norton Identity Safe works here.

Protection against Hackers and Cybercriminals

This software includes Norton Smart Firewall that monitors all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic and intelligently filters out any harmful transmissions such as spyware connections or hacker intrusions. With Norton Smart Firewall in place you can also manually define your firewall settings to ensure all your advanced access rules are setup exactly the way you want. Thus, Norton Smart Firewall is a good solution for both inexperienced users looking for a solid firewall protection as well as for advanced network administrators who wish to fine-tune their settings for optimal protection.

Protection against phishing, fake, infected and unsafe websites

Norton Internet Security 2012 analyses and identifies every website you enter. For example if you search for information on Google, Norton will display a small icon alongside every search result telling you whether a site is safe to visit.

Relying on an extensive database of phishing and fake websites, Norton is able to identify every attempt of attack on you launched by unsafe websites and you will be told if a website requiring information from you is fake. This is especially useful if you use online banking or shopping and want to ensure the site you're sending your personal and financial information to is legitimate.

Protection against viruses, spyware, Trojans and other malware

Ranked #1 Norton antivirus and antispyware technology is proven to stop nearly 100% of online threats. This new version of Norton Internet Security 2012 is equipped with four different layers of protection that accurately detect and remove viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, rootkits and other types of malware before they can squeeze through any security holes in your network infrastructure. Proactive protection is able to detect threats before they reach your PC effectively keeping them at bay even if they are new, yet unrecognised threats. This all is being done in real time, without sacrificing your computer's performance because Norton is very light on resources and in most cases you won't even notice it's running.

Protection against spam and unsafe emails

Norton Internet Security 2012 scans all incoming and outgoing email and instant messages for viruses, malicious attachments, and dangerous links displaying a warning before you open them. It also blocks spam and unsolicited advertising leaving your inbox clean of clutter.

Protection from online fraud and social networking threats

Norton Internet Security constantly monitors the messages you receive for dangerous links and attachments. This includes Facebook. If you receive Facebook messages that contain links to fraudulent websites they will be blocked. Facebook scams are on the rise recently and it's essential to protect yourself from circulating messages that will trick you into clicking dangerous links.

Parental Control Tools for blocking inappropriate content for kids

Norton Internet Security 2012 gives you easy access to Norton Online Family giving you tools to protect your kids from inappropriate Web content, online predators and false friends on social networking sites.

Keep an eye on your kids' online activities, and especially their social network friends and chats. Track which websites your kids visit and block them if you feel they aren't appropriate. With Parental Controls Management you can manage and setup access rules from within Norton Control Center.

Norton Internet Security 2012 is optimised for performance

Did you know that Norton Internet Security 2012 has been ranked #1 in both protection and performance by numerous independent AV testing organisations? It installs in under 1 minute and requires just a single mouse click to get it installed and up and running!

Norton Internet Security 2012 delivers 24x7, all round protection without slowing down on you and its intelligent scan technology runs virus scans only at times when your computer is idle, so that you don't even notice Norton is running. After every idle time scan you get detailed reports about the scan results.

Plus, Norton Internet Security 2012 includes Startup Manager (see screenshots in the other tab above) that allows delayed start of boot-time applications or you can turn them off completely to speed up computer startup. Over time many tiny applications install on your computer such as Java updater, iPod helper, Adobe updater or Winamp agent that will all slow down computer start and consume your PC's memory. With Norton Startup Manager you can turn those applications off by disabling their execution at startup.

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Sys. req.

Norton Internet Security 2012 Minimum System Requirements

Operating Systems Supported by NIS 2012:

  • MS Windows XP (32-bit edition). All Windows XP versions are supported i.e. Home Edition, Professional Edition, Tablet PC and Media Centre with Service Pack 2 or later.
  • Microsoft Windows Vista® (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported). The following versions of Vista are supported: Vista Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Vista Business and Vista Ultimate with Service Pack 1 or later.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit editions are supported). NIS 2012 will run on fhe following editions of Windows 7: Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium and Ultimate.

Minimum Requirements for Hardware:

  • At least 300 MHz processor for Microsoft Windows XP
  • At least 1 GHz processor for Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 7
  • Minimum 300 MB of free disk space
  • Minimum 256 MB of RAM
  • CD-ROM or DVD drive is required when installing from those types of media. Drive is not required if installing via electronic download.

Browsers supported for Safe Search, Password Management and Phishing Protection:

  • Firefox 3.0 and newer (32-bit only)
  • Chrome 10.0 and newer
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 and newer (32-bit only)

Browsers Supported for Vulnerability Protection:

  • Internet Explorer 6.0 and newer (32-bit only)
  • Firefox 3.0 and newer (32-bit only)

Email Clients Supported for Antispam:

  • MS Outlook 2002 or newer
  • MS Outlook Express 6.0 and newer
  • Windows Mail (only the spam filtering feature is available)
  • Norton Internet Security 2012 supports email scanning for email clients that support POP3 protocol.


Norton Internet Security 2012 Installation Screenshot
Norton Internet Security 2012 Activation Screenshot
Norton Internet Security 2012 Installation Begins Screenshot
Norton Internet Security 2012 Starting Services Screenshot
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Norton Internet Security 2012 Main Panel Screenshot
Norton Internet Security 2012 Complete Activation Screenshot
Norton Internet Security 2012 Created Norton Account Screenshot
Norton Internet Security 2012 Run Norton Update Screenshot
Norton Internet Security 2012 Full System Scan Screenshot
Norton Toolbar is installed in Firefox Screenshot
NIS 2012 Settings Antivirus and Sonar Exclusions Screenshot
NIS 2012 Settings Computer Scan Screenshot
NIS 2012 Real Time Protection Settings Screenshot
NIS 2012 Updates Settings Screenshot
NIS 2012 Intrusion Prevention Configuration
NIS 2012 Message Protection Configuration
NIS 2012 Network Security Settings
NIS 2012 Smart Firewall Settings
NIS 2012 Norton Tasks Settings
NIS 2012 Other Settings
NIS 2012 Performance Monitoring Settings
NIS 2012 Product Security Settings
NIS 2012 Silent Mode Settings
NIS 2012 System Insight & Performance Stats
NIS 2012 Norton Insight & Application Ratings
NIS 2012 Startup Manager

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