What is Norton Identity Safe and how does it work?

Norton Identity Safe is included in all versions of Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security and it's used to provide a simple to setup and easy-to-use mechanism of protecting your online logins and passwords.

With Norton Identity Safe in place your passwords and other confidential information you send via your browser to third parties are safe. This is achieved by storing your passwords in a special secure password vault protected with a master password and whenever you visit an online banking site, login to your Google or Facebook account Norton Identity Safe grabs passwords from the vault without requiring you to type anything on your keyboard. Therefore you're not exposing keystrokes you type to keylogging software that may be stealthily installed on your computer.

And here’s how Norton Identity Safe works: you will be asked by Norton 360 or Norton Internet Security to create a new master password for the vault that stores all your information. No other users, hackers or spyware will be able to read those passwords.

When your master password is setup then Norton Identity Safe is ready for use. From now on whenever you visit a website that requires a username and password, Norton Identity Safe will ask you if you want it to remember the login information for that particular site.

Every time you re-visit that specific website Norton Identity Safe will automatically fill your login credentials. You will only need to type your Norton Identity Safe master password. Therefore there's no need to remember multiple passwords for multiple accounts, because they are all stored in the vault and will be used automatically whenever you need them.

Norton Identity Safe keeps your passwords safe and you even don't have to remember them in order to login successfully to your services.

From Norton Internet Security 2012 onwards, Identity Safe includes an online version that allows you to share logins among multiple additional PCs protected by Norton.

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